Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Introducing my Medal Rod

A little over a year ago, Wendy from WISH posted a picture of her medal display in response to the "so what do you do with all these medals?" question. It was a curtain rod covered in medals. I almost died of envy when I saw it. Seriously, it was beautiful. I wanted one so badly, but with one medal I thought my rod might look a little... needy.

Well, look what I have now!


Before you make fun of the spackle, I have to add that my helpers were 2 and 8. Harry kept demanding to "help, momma!" I put him in charge of the stud finder. He was very pleased with himself. Emma was less enthusiastic, but did at least eyeball the rod to see if it was reasonably level (and then she mocked me for putting them in chronological order). Can I talk about my hatred of plaster walls? Thus the spackle...

You might be able to see a common theme with the medals. Yep, with the exception of the one Jacksonville half medal with the tacky ribbon, they're all Disney. (OK, I've added another one I found from the Bridge Run, but still). Oh, and only the first three are pre-GoofyBaby.

I haven't done much running lately. The combination of heat and just feeling yuck is a problem. I felt truly awful yesterday afternoon at work. I think my blood pressure dropped some- I don't have a scientific basis for that idea, but I felt really light-headed and queasy and had some Braxton Hicks action. (It's also possible I was hungry). The feeling eventually passed. I had Ted take my blood pressure about an hour later- it was 100/60 with a pulse of 57. That's not that low for me, but I'm wondering if it was lower when I felt so bad. Anyway, running was out of the question.

On the bright side, I haven't really gained much weight. I'm eating plenty, so I assume GoofyBaby is doing just fine. The way I see it, every pound I don't gain is a pound I don't have to worry about later! Of course, I know it's entirely possible to gain eight pounds next month- I think I gained eight pounds with Emma every month.

I've been looking into training post-delivery. I'm sure I'll leave GoofyBaby at home some, but I'd like to be able to drag him along on some of the short runs. Most double jogging strollers require the baby to be at least 6 months old. That so puts me outside my training window for the January half. There's one I found that you can buy an attachment for in order to hook a carseat on! Picture me with Harry in one seat and GoofyBaby in a carseat on the other side (and Emma on her bike)! And yes, I realize that's the height of madness. It's all that's keeping me happy right now, so I'm just going to keep my little delusion that I'll be perky and ready to run and that both boys will be cooperative...

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